• Suppose you get a message from your boss asking you to send a presentation to a client. You go to your computer, locate the presentation and just as you are about to log in to your SBCGlobal email account the page freezes. You may find that you cannot open your SBCGlobal email account and even if you do log in you cannot send or receive any emails. The SBCGlobal email not working issue can be quite frustrating, especially if the work you need to complete is urgent. This article will give you some helpful tips and troubleshooting steps to help you fix the SBCGlobal email, not working issue. Apart from the solutions mentioned in the post, you can also call the SBCGlobal email customer service number and speak to a trained email expert to learn how to implement more advanced troubleshooting steps to fix the email errors as soon as possible. Image result for sbcglobal email not working Steps to Fix Sbcglobal Email not Working When it comes to accessing your SBCGlobal email account, the first step is to login. If you find that SBCGlobal email is not working because you cannot log in, you can use the step below to fix the errors: Step 1: Check the SBCGlobal email address and password you typed Step 2: Reset your SBCGlobal email password in case you forgot it Step 3: Be sure to turn off the CAPS lock button when typing your details Step 4: Delete the browser cookies before you sign in to SBCGlobal email Step 5: Consider disabling your browser extensions before you attempt to log in to SBCGlobal email. Fix SBCGlobal Email not Working Because of Email Password One of the most common reasons why SBCGlobal email does not work is because the password is incorrect or users have forgotten the email password. If you get an error message indicating the email service is not working because the password is invalid you can refer to the steps below to reset your SBCGlobal email: Step 1: Open the login page and go tothe “Forgot Password” option. Step 2: Type in your complete SBCGlobal email address and click ‘Next.’ Step 3: Select the recovery method: email ID, phone or security question. Step 4: Based on the account recovery process, you select follow the prompts and create a new password for your SBCGlobal email account. Step 5: Enter the code or follow the link and set a new SBCGlobal email password. After you reset the email password, just to be safe, you should log out of all the devices you previously used to access SBCGlobal email and then try and log in once again. If the email not working issue still persists you call the SBCGlobal customer support number and ask for additional technical assistance.


  • Solutions for Google Account Recovery https //g.co/recover for HelpThese days, there isn’t any email service that seems to challenge the Gmail as far as the popularity is concerned. A lot of gmail users indeed forgot their password on quite a regular basis. That’s why google has provided a very simple yet secure method for gmail password recovery. No matter if you have forgotten the password or your account is hacked by someone, you can get your account back with ease. For successful Google account recovery, you need to visit https //g.co/recover for help which is the official link for getting your password back. Go through this tutorial if you don’t know how to use https //g.co/recover for your Gmail account recovery. Here, we will provide complete details regarding gmail password recovery in a very meticulous manner.

    Things to try before resetting Gmail password We truly understand how frustrating it is when you can’t log in to your Gmail account. Things can be even scarier when you suspect that your Gmail account is hacked by someone. However, there is a very effective and easy method available by which you can get back your Google account. Before we move on to discuss the steps to reset/ recover Google Password, you may try the basic troubleshooting measures mentioned below. 1. If you have forgotten the password then you should check your browsers. It is possible that your password might be saved in the browser. 2. In case you are sure that you are entering the correct password and still unable to log in then you should try to sign-in using other browsers and device. 3. Google login issues can also be caused due to a poor internet connection. So, you should ensure that your internet connection is stable.

    Google Account recovery using phone number If you have a phone number added to your Google Account then recovering the password is quite easy. You may easily get your password back by visiting the account recovery portal i.e. https //g.co/recover. Check the steps below if you don’t know how to do it. 1. First of all, you need to visit the official page for Google account recovery https //g.co/recover. 2. Next, you have to enter the email address of the Google account you are looking to recover. 3. Then, Google will ask you to provide the last password you remember. You can enter the last-known password or else click “Try another way”. 4. After that, you have to enter the phone number associated with your Google account and click on the “Send” button. This will send a verification code to the Google password recovery phone number you have just entered. 5. Enter the verification code in the prescribed space. 6. If the verification code provided by you matched with the correct one then you will get the option to create a new password. 7. Finally, you just need to provide a secure password for your Gmail account that you can remember easily.

    Recover Gmail account using security questions You can also answer security questions to reset Gmail password. Check out the instructions below in order to do it effortlessly. • To start the proceeding, you have to visit the Google Account recovery page for help https //g.co/recover. • Choose “Forget Password” link and provide your complete Gmail address on the next page. • Then, you will be asked to enter the last gmail password you remember. Here, you can enter it or else select “Try another way” • In the next page, Google will ask you about your password recovery options like phone number, email, etc. • Keep clicking “Try another way” till the option for answering security questions appear on your screen. • Answer the security questions of Google as accurately as possible. • Unfortunately, you can’t get back your account instantly using this method. • You have to provide an alternate email ID on which Google can contact you regarding the password recovery. • Google will get in touch with you within 3 to 5 days and let you create a new password if it is satisfied with your answer.

    How to fix “Google couldn’t verify this account belongs to you” error? Sometimes you can’t get your Google account back even after going through Google Account Recovery https //g.co/recover for help. Given below are some tips that you can follow to prove your identity to Google. • Try not to skip any of the questions. There are dozens of questions that Google may ask you regarding your account. You should try to answer them as accurately as possible. • Make sure you use a device where you frequently sign-in while answering the questions. • Try to get back your account using the same location from where you generally use your Google account. • Answer as precisely as possible. If you don’t know or remember the answer then enter your best guess. • Provide helpful details when you are asked why you cannot access your Google account. • Google may ask you the month of the creation of your Gmail account. To find it out, you may get in touch with your contacts and ask them when you have sent them first email. Google must have sent verification email on your alternate email Id when you sign up for Gmail. You can find the date of creation from that email as well.


  • Plug and play for external devices (especially printers) in Windows 10 could not be any easier. If you have an older printer, but you are experiencing problems installing the drivers from the installation disc, bundled with the printer, you probably need a newer driver. My brother recently installed Windows 10, but noticed his printer was not working, so he tried to use the reinstall disc, that did not work either. We checked HP’s website that did not have a native driver for download. Instead, the website directed us to use Windows Update. Fortunately, I didn’t know how easy it would be. Let me show you how.

    Install a printer in Windows 10 For my purpose, I’m using a USB connected printer. I would first ensure your computer is connected to the Internet. I was able to do this successfully on a metered connection. Turn on the printer, and then connect it to your computer. Click Start then type Devices then hit Enter on your keyboard.

    Immediately, you should see your printer detected while the latest driver is installed from Windows Update.

    Printer install 1

    If you are on a metered connection, scroll down then toggle on the option to download drivers over a metered connection.

    Printer install 3

    Troubleshoot Printer Driver in Windows 10 If you experience problems with the installation or failure of a printer, click Start type: Devices and Printers then hit Enter. Right-click the Printer and select Troubleshoot. In my case, because I initially had my Internet Connection set to metered, the printer driver was partially installed.


    Then when the wizard comes up click Apply this fix.

    Printer install 3A

    Then wait while Windows resolves the issue.

    Printer install 3C

    Then click Apply this fix again.

    Printer install 3D

    Then you’ll need to restart your PC to complete the changes to fix the problem.

    Printer install 3E

    When you come back from the restart, log in, and your printer should be up and running.

    Printer install 4


  • With emails you do outdo in the field of communication even if it is used in reserved or in open fields like of promotion etc. It is a very calm and easy method to transfer mails from one location to a different in no time. Among all of the e-mail service suppliers in the world, Hotmail is preferred the most owing to its unbelievable qualities and support for all kind of Hotmail issues or login problem. This Hotmail email service is an ancient email server which was hosted first in the year 1996 by “Microsoft”. Windows live also provides virtually unlimited cloud storage too.

    The Hotmail has a group of maintenance teams who are expert in in case of any minor to major matter in accessing your email services. The Hotmail authorized care and resolutions and will examine and correct your email issues by original implements. Sometimes any person may need the Hotmail care for problems like Hotmail login problem, Hotmail suspended account problem, Hotmail hacked account problem etc. The users can also access the Hotmail Customer service to get quick and easy solutions.

    Here we will be talking about the email sending failure issues in case of windows 8 or windows live. There may be numerous reasons of why your account is getting hacked or you are not been able to enter your account. But before that you may check the given options which may confirm that your email is not really hacked:

    Username/password incorrect Wrong domain e.g. hotmail.com, live.com, microsoft.com etc. is selected. Password case is sensitive. Account blocked for any reasons. Servers temporarily down. Password are changed recently. Try the following steps to check if you unable to send emails through windows 8 or Windows live Mail:

    Please check if your username or password is accurate or not and “caps lock” is on or not. Try to choice the exact domain name from the drop list e.g. live.com, Microsoft.com, hotmail.com, etc. Kindly check if the internet connection is working well or not and moreover the Hotmail server is performing well. Try to remember if your password is changed lately and apply that password instead. Once you are tired of trying these odds, you can call the Hotmail care for getting the Hotmail hacked account problem and Hotmail suspended account problem help. The support is waiting for its resolution. The support is offered 24*7 hours and you will get assistance n support by trained technician.


  • Small2_google_account_recovery

    Google Account Recovery for Android. Do you forgot your gmail account password ? Here is the official link for password recovery. You can recover your google account with phone number or by answering security questions etc.

    Google Account Recovery for Android :

    If you lost your password, Here You can Recover your google account with following methods. We are also provide official link for google account recovery page at the bottom of the post.

    1) Using a Google security question to reset password

    In order to reset the lock screen pattern or reset your password with the help of your Google security questions, you must have an active Internet connection on your mobile device. This Password reset method is only work’s on Android devices

    After number of failed attempts done on your Android mobile to unlock the device, tap Forgot pattern ?. Tap Answer question. Type the google security answer, then tap Unlock. If it’s show Yes or No, Tap Yes if you want to create a new unlock pattern (PIN) or Tap No if you don’t want to use a screen lock. 2) Using your primary Google account (Gmail account)

    This reset method is only work’s on Android devices. You can reset the password (Pattern) using your primary Google account. you must have an active Internet connection on your device to reset you password.

    After you have entered the wrong unlock pattern 5 times, wait above 30 seconds, then tap Forgot pattern ?. Sign in using your primary Google account (Gmail account) username and password. Draw a new unlock pattern or type password, then tap Continue. Again Draw the new unlock pattern or type password and tap Continue. Important Info : If you forgot your Google account (Gmail) username and password, you can recover using the Google Account Recovery page. Follow below link.

    3) Google (Gmail) account Recovery Official Link :

    If you forgot your Google account (Gmail) username and password, you can recover using the Google Account Recovery page.

    HOW TO GET BACK GOOGLE ACCOUNT WITHOUT ANY RECOVERY OPTION So, all you need to recover the forgotten password of your Google account is any one from the password recovery options (secondary email address, security questions, mobile numbers etc.) which you set when creating the account. But, in many cases people just can remember only their Google address and forget about all other things. This happens due to inactivity for a long time.

    In such a case, their is no guarantee that you will get back your account but Google has some options for you so that they can identify you as the owner of that account. Here is the method.

    Simply, go through the same method of password recovery in Google. When it asks you to put the mobile number or secondary email address, simply, click the “Try a different way” link.

    different way to recover Google Password

    After that, follow the onscreen instruction and submit a request to Google. If the data you gave matches with the account and Google can verify you as the owner of the account then Google will send you the necessary suggestions at your current contact email address. That’s it! ( Special Note Don’t Miss : Google Account Recovery Step )