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Don’t forget to add this in your moving house checklist Moving is a difficult job especially with your kids. It is even more difficult when you have to shift in the middle of the school as that just affect the mind of children because they have to leave all their friends and teachers whom they are the most attached so that situation should be handled with care and emotion. Packers and Movers in Bangalore will help you in this situation so here are some tips of things that you must take care of during a move so take a look on that and understand every emotion of your child when it comes to attachment. Make them more comfortable by providing a good space as it would not be easy when it comes to leaving your loved ones!!!

Call a family meeting and discuss about the move Yes you heard it right, sometimes it is very difficult for children to leave the school, friends and teachers so it is important to prepare them before the move and to hold them with every emotion. It is very important to be prepared for every question regarding the move. A family meeting will be best to discuss about the move as it will be easy for the parents to make their children aware of a move around the family.

Research or tour schools in your new city or neighborhood Before shifting to a new city start researching for schools in the city. Local Packers and Movers Bangalore suggest you to take several rounds to the schools, ask Google, view ratings, and also focus on other extracurricular activities as it will be a tough time for children to adjust in the new school so these different activities will help them to be extra comfortable and happier.

Gather notes, letters and recommendations from current teachers While preparing for the admission in new school, don’t forget to gather all the recommendation letters from teachers, counselors who know your child and if the child is good in sports, dance or other activities make sure to collect all the certificates. These things will help your child to be recognized better from teachers in new school.

Notify the school to transfer official transcripts and academic materials According to Packers and Movers Bangalore it’s better to after finalizing the new school, ask the current school to transfer all the official transcripts like the report cards, TC, and other important stuffs so that you will not be tensed of these works during or after a move.

Forward medical records and health history This is one of the most crucial things as the new school should be aware of any health issues occurring to your child so make sure to ask the current school to forward medical records, proofs and any other important health history to the new school.

Host a goodbye party for your child and their classmates Shifting to a new place and school is not that easy for children as they find it difficult to make new friends so it will be a hard time for your children to say goodbye to their friends and other school members. So, Movers and Packers in Bangalore advice you to host a nice goodbye party which will make them feel good and happy by spending some quality time with friends.

Meet the new school guidance counselor Before finalizing the new school, #best and #fast Movers and Packers Bangalore wants you to take a round of the whole campus with your child so that the first day of the school will not be that difficult for them. Make them sit with the new school counselor and let them know everything about the school like studies, sports, extracurricular activities and also make them meet to their new teachers so that they will not feel awkward on the first day. The counselor will also help the children to be strong emotionally in the new school.

Take the child on a tour of their new school before their first day Taking your children on a tour of new school before the first day would be best recommended by the packers and movers Bangalore. Make them know where the classroom is situated and take them to teachers and other students to make them feel more comfortable. All these little things will help your children on their first day of school.

Talk to teachers and administrators about the current curriculum and classroom rules This will help the child to know all the important rules to be taken care of and also will get a chance to introduce himself in front of the administrator and teachers which will help him in coming future.

Take them shopping for school supplies Generally children are happy while doing shopping and especially all the new school supplies make them the happiest. This will make them more confident to go to the new school. This will also make them excited to go to school. So either #PackersMoversBangalore suggest you to plan the shopping time before move or either plans it as you moved.

Help them preparing for the first day of the new school Helping your children for the first day of school will be the best as a well prepared child will certainly perform better than other child so make sure that the child has packed with the school bag with all the essentials and also don’t forget to give them a nice and favorite breakfast which will make their morning more happier. Tell them to pack everything at night so as to avoid any delay in the school. Drop your children to the school and also meet their teachers as this will make them comfortable.

So these were some of the important tips by #Local #Packers and #Movers #Bangalore which you must take care of during a move.

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When you are making a list of camping gears then make sure you add all basic camping gears. Most of the new camper forgets something. So you will check out the list of basic camping gears like: 1. Camping tent 2. Ice cooler 3. First aid box 4. sleeping bag 5. lamp and many more. Some people do not give any importance to an ice chest or cooler but this is the all most important part of camping. It will keep your food store for a long time depend on their size like large cooler has great ice life so it will keep your food safe for a long time.

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Solutions for Google Account Recovery https //g.co/recover for HelpThese days, there isn’t any email service that seems to challenge the Gmail as far as the popularity is concerned. A lot of gmail users indeed forgot their password on quite a regular basis. That’s why google has provided a very simple yet secure method for gmail password recovery. No matter if you have forgotten the password or your account is hacked by someone, you can get your account back with ease. For successful Google account recovery, you need to visit https //g.co/recover for help which is the official link for getting your password back. Go through this tutorial if you don’t know how to use https //g.co/recover for your Gmail account recovery. Here, we will provide complete details regarding gmail password recovery in a very meticulous manner.

Things to try before resetting Gmail password We truly understand how frustrating it is when you can’t log in to your Gmail account. Things can be even scarier when you suspect that your Gmail account is hacked by someone. However, there is a very effective and easy method available by which you can get back your Google account. Before we move on to discuss the steps to reset/ recover Google Password, you may try the basic troubleshooting measures mentioned below. 1. If you have forgotten the password then you should check your browsers. It is possible that your password might be saved in the browser. 2. In case you are sure that you are entering the correct password and still unable to log in then you should try to sign-in using other browsers and device. 3. Google login issues can also be caused due to a poor internet connection. So, you should ensure that your internet connection is stable.

Google Account recovery using phone number If you have a phone number added to your Google Account then recovering the password is quite easy. You may easily get your password back by visiting the account recovery portal i.e. https //g.co/recover. Check the steps below if you don’t know how to do it. 1. First of all, you need to visit the official page for Google account recovery https //g.co/recover. 2. Next, you have to enter the email address of the Google account you are looking to recover. 3. Then, Google will ask you to provide the last password you remember. You can enter the last-known password or else click “Try another way”. 4. After that, you have to enter the phone number associated with your Google account and click on the “Send” button. This will send a verification code to the Google password recovery phone number you have just entered. 5. Enter the verification code in the prescribed space. 6. If the verification code provided by you matched with the correct one then you will get the option to create a new password. 7. Finally, you just need to provide a secure password for your Gmail account that you can remember easily.

Recover Gmail account using security questions You can also answer security questions to reset Gmail password. Check out the instructions below in order to do it effortlessly. • To start the proceeding, you have to visit the Google Account recovery page for help https //g.co/recover. • Choose “Forget Password” link and provide your complete Gmail address on the next page. • Then, you will be asked to enter the last gmail password you remember. Here, you can enter it or else select “Try another way” • In the next page, Google will ask you about your password recovery options like phone number, email, etc. • Keep clicking “Try another way” till the option for answering security questions appear on your screen. • Answer the security questions of Google as accurately as possible. • Unfortunately, you can’t get back your account instantly using this method. • You have to provide an alternate email ID on which Google can contact you regarding the password recovery. • Google will get in touch with you within 3 to 5 days and let you create a new password if it is satisfied with your answer.

How to fix “Google couldn’t verify this account belongs to you” error? Sometimes you can’t get your Google account back even after going through Google Account Recovery https //g.co/recover for help. Given below are some tips that you can follow to prove your identity to Google. • Try not to skip any of the questions. There are dozens of questions that Google may ask you regarding your account. You should try to answer them as accurately as possible. • Make sure you use a device where you frequently sign-in while answering the questions. • Try to get back your account using the same location from where you generally use your Google account. • Answer as precisely as possible. If you don’t know or remember the answer then enter your best guess. • Provide helpful details when you are asked why you cannot access your Google account. • Google may ask you the month of the creation of your Gmail account. To find it out, you may get in touch with your contacts and ask them when you have sent them first email. Google must have sent verification email on your alternate email Id when you sign up for Gmail. You can find the date of creation from that email as well.