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We are always looking for new ideas about how we can improve. Post your idea, share it with your online community to help it garner votes and attention. You can also vote, follow and comment on ideas that you support - you’ll receive updates on them too!

Build a community/schools pool and create a local aquatics program. Partner with the city, local community sports groups, and the schools.

Offer all 7th & 8th graders 2 full years of a foreign language. For the last 6/7 years only a handful of 8th grade students are enrolled in a full year of Spanish. That means, less than half of the graduating class has had any experience with a foreign language. Is this preparing them for high school? I think not! We need to make this our priority and fix it once & for all.

Would love more healthier, hot lunches for different vendors.

Consider adding Walking School Bus routes that are school and district staffed to ease parking and traffic congestion. It was great when school staff began working Valet at View, and I think it would be great to have a district-funded WSB network of routes. We need this today for View, and with the upcoming bond measure and some of the initially-proposed routes for traffic around North School, committing to this now would assuage the fears of North School neighbors that the already tight streets are going to turn into a parking lot. It also adheres to our wellness policy of encouraging physical activity, and is in line with Hermosa's commitment to reduce our carbon footprint. Maybe the city will even provide some funding!

When looking at dates for school calendars, please be cognizant of the day of the week that the school year begins and ends. To have the school year end on a Monday causes working parents to make the decision to either pay for a week long camp and not have their child attend the camp on the Monday or have their child be absent from their Hermosa school which is a loss of revenue for our district. Not a great financial decision for our district.

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Partner with a local club soccer organization and turf the Hermosa Valley field.

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