Consider adding Walking School Bus routes that are school and district staffed to ease parking and traffic congestion. It was great when school staff began working Valet at View, and I think it would be great to have a district-funded WSB network of routes. We need this today for View, and with the upcoming bond measure and some of the initially-proposed routes for traffic around North School, committing to this now would assuage the fears of North School neighbors that the already tight streets are going to turn into a parking lot. It also adheres to our wellness policy of encouraging physical activity, and is in line with Hermosa's commitment to reduce our carbon footprint. Maybe the city will even provide some funding!

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Pat Escalante admin about 2 years ago

Hi Jessica! Thank you for your suggestion to increase the number of Walking School Bus routes and to expand them into neighborhoods that feed into any of the 3 district school sites (Valley, View and North). We are partners with the Beach City Health District regarding the Walking School Bus program and so I will make sure that your suggestion gets to the coordinator for possible future implementation.